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Our Data & Reporting .

Don’t be fooled by industry jargon and buzzwords that others in the field simply make up.

We measure everything that’s possible to measure. In fact, we guarantee that by working with us you are getting the best talent AND the best results for your budget.

At CLKS our team has spent years building an analytics toolbox empowering brands with cutting-edge data and insights to drive successful influencer marketing campaigns.

Our comprehensive suite of models and frameworks is designed to refine strategy, enhance selection, optimize content, and provide in-depth reporting.


Pre-Campaign Precision

Funnel Model

By segmenting the customer journey into stages specific to your campaign objectives, this model enables targeted strategies at each funnel stage for maximized impact.

Measurement Framework

We identify primary and secondary KPIs for each program, using a blend of qualitative and quantitative metrics to clearly understand and convey the most effective strategies.

Predictive Performance Model

Our advanced predictive models have been trained on 7+ years of historical paid media and campaign data to forecast campaign outcomes. This allows for strategic budget allocation and enables us to guarantee results.

Psychographic Model

We analyze each influencer's interests and audience interactions to ensure they align with your brand and their followers.

Authenticity Model

An advanced multipoint evaluation system with automated historical analysis of content and behavior to ensure your partnerships consistently uphold brand integrity.

Brand Safety Model

We verify the authenticity of influencer engagement and their audiences, using our evaluation model to choose influencers who generate maximum impact.

Paid Optimization

Dive deep into content performance analytics. This model identifies the best-performing content for additional investment, maximizing reach and impact.

Selection & Optimization

Active Campaign Agility

URL Data

Post-Campaign Perspectives

AI-driven Audience Resonance Analysis™

This report provides a groundbreaking approach to evaluating audience engagement, focusing on the depth of resonance with each program's content. It's instrumental in gauging sentiment towards a brand or product, including desire, purchase intent, and brand loyalty

Real-Time Reporting Dashboard

Our dynamic dashboard provides real-time insights into all aspects of your influencer campaigns. View content as it goes live and track KPIs focused on the metrics that matter most to your brand. 

Qualified EMV (Earned Media Value)

A refined metric that quantifies the value of influencer content. We go beyond traditional EMV by assessing the quality and relevance of engagement and its value to your brand. 

Comprehensive Program Report

At the conclusion of each program, we deliver an in-depth report detailing performance, highlighting key organic and paid data metrics and insights. 

Measurement Framework

Start with templates, then customize to fit your style and professional needs.

Experience the CLKS Advantage
At CLKS, we cut through the noise with precise analytics and actionable insights. Our end goal is simple: to empower your influencer marketing campaigns with the most advanced tools and techniques available. From predictive performance modeling to real-time reporting, our suite of analytics is designed to optimize your strategy, enhance content impact, and deliver the largest return on investment.

Discover how our data-driven approach can transform your influencer marketing efforts. Get started below to learn more about our comprehensive analytics solutions and start making informed decisions that drive real results.